Medial Research (MR) is a privately-funded innovation research center committed to changing the healthcare landscape using predictive analytics.

In partnership with leading healthcare organizations and medical institutions, our expert team of big data scientists cracks the code of standard medical data, revealing latent signals of the early stages of a disease process, or of existing, pre-symptomatic disease. Using our proprietary algorithmic engine and vast medical data assets, we develop predictive models for clinical decision-support tools, facilitating timely intervention and improving patient care.

Transforming Data into Insights

At MR, we analyze routine, readily available real-world patient data compiled in electronic health records (EHR), such as blood tests, vital signs, family history, co-morbidities and more, in order to discover actionable insights about specific medical conditions. Using machine-learning technology, we create and validate predictive models based on data from millions of individuals.

Generating Robust Decision-Support Tools

After we complete initial validation of a predictive model, a decision-support tool is further developed, tested, and commercialized by our affiliate company, Medial EarlySign, for use by clinicians in the acute care or primary care settings, or for personal health management by individuals.

Searching for Signals from Sensors

MR also investigates prospective personal health data collected from a variety of current consumer lifestyle or off the shelf sensors in search of hidden signals for prediction of a variety of health issues.

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