MeScore CRC

Medial Colorectal Cancer Score (MeScore CRC) is a software solution that performs algorithm-based analysis of demographic information and lab results and provides personal scores to indicate individuals with higher probability of harboring colorectal cancer compared to the general population.

MeScore CRC is intended to be used by healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals to aid in identifying individuals, age 40 and above, of the general population who are at increased risk of harboring CRC for whom further evaluation is recommended.

MeScore CRC is intended to support healthcare professionals in decision-making and is not intended as a screening or stand-alone diagnostic tool. It is not intended to rule-out or to be used to waive screening or further diagnosis.

The Compliance Challenge
MeScore for CRC is a safe, simple method of identifying those at a higher probability for harboring colorectal cancer that has the potential to increase the compliance of those who refrain from specific CRC screening tests. MeScore leverages existing and ongoing routine medical records and identifies where additional follow-up should be offered to individuals. Such as gastroenterological testing.

MeScore CRC Technology
MeScore technology is founded on machine learning algorithm-based analysis of medical information, mainly decision trees and cross-validation techniques, which enable generation and evaluation of data-driven prediction models.

MeScore performs batch processing of input files which contain individuals' blood count test results and basic demographic data (gender and age). For the calculation of the score, the model requires, at minimum, gender, year of birth and at least one blood count test.

Potential Benefits of MeScore CRC

  • Leverage Existing Lab Test Results and Infrastructure:
    • no special patient preparation is required
    • minimal IT integration
  • Covers Entire Patient Population: a batch-processing application that can analyze a few million records in several minutes.
  • May enable increased colonoscopy yield
A Proven Scoring Method
MeScore CRC was developed using data from 466,107 Israelis (Maccabi Health Care Services, MHS) and externally validated on an additional 139,205 Israelis (MHS) and 24,985 primary care patients from the UK's Health Information Network (THIN) database.

The performance of the score was evaluated in relation to CRC (according to cancer registry information) using the standard area under the receiver operator curve (AUC), and obtained a value of about 0.82 for the MHS validation. Similar results were achieved on the UK population, demonstrating AUC of 0.81.

MeScore CRC is not yet cleared by the FDA for commercial use in the USA.

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