Medial Research was founded by experts in algorithmic data analysis in order to apply the most advanced technology available to the retrospective analysis of medical databases. Today, Medial's AlgoMedical platform uses a combination of proven algorithms to predict the risk of medical conditions, or to pretest the probability of the results of specific interventions or diagnostic tests.

AlgoMedical Platform
Medial's AlgoMedical platform uses methods derived from Information Theory, Signal Processing and Machine Learning to create optimized predictive risk models. While rapidly analyzing very large amounts of data, the platform identifies the relevant features in the dataset and the relationships between them. From input through transformation and analysis, the Medial platform handles the entire process, including proprietary technologies for cleansing large data sets and for normalizing disparate data sources.

Highly customizable, the platform features a rich toolkit of technologies that Medial's experts tailor to the requirements of each project. To ensure and maintain quality output, the platform is also supported by a strict methodology for testing predictions, validating results and preventing statistical error.

Platform Features

  • Non-linear, multi-dimensional algorithmic analysis
  • Identification of the relationships between factors and outcomes
  • Handles millions of records
  • Extremely fast processing
  • Handles definition, clean-up and qualification of data
  • Advanced algorithms for feature selection, prediction, simulation and internal checks
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